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  • 14kt Gold New Collection Launch – Radiance Collection

    There’s a striking addition to our solid gold collection this season and it’s something truly special. We’re so excited to introduce a brand-new edit in our luxury fine jewelry range, the 14kt Gold Collection – Radiance.

    The Radiance collection is an incredibly special compact edit of fine jewelry pieces designed for those looking for solid gold. Crafted in 100% recycled solid gold, the Radiance collection features real pearls and stunning white sapphire stones – a whole new look for these classic accents.

  • 14kt Gold New Collection Launch – Stargazer Collection

    This season, we’re making a spectacular addition to our 14kt Gold Collection. And it’s not one you want to miss. Introducing, the Stargazer collection. 

    A purposefully compact line of celestial inspired jewelry, the Stargazer edit is part of our luxury range. Crafted in 100% recycled 14kt solid gold with ethically sourced diamonds, the range is a unique and modern twist on classic luxury jewelry. Designed to be worn every day with any look.

  • How to Layer Necklaces with This Season’s Trends

    If you know the Ania Haie vibe, you know we loved a layered necklace look. Whether you’re mixing and matching, keeping things simple or stacking up chunky statement pieces, if you’re layering, we’re into it. And this summer, there are plenty of chic trends to inspire a whole new layered look. From bright flashes of colour to finding a perfectly unique stone this sits well with your style, adding a spring/summer trend to your stack is a great way to update your layers.

    How do you like to layer necklaces? If you’re looking for some extra inspo, remember to also check out our blog with our top styling tips on layering.

  • Choose Color for Spring

    Pops of bold color are a staple when it comes to spring but this season, it’s a bigger hit than ever. The designer runway saw more than its fair share of color flashes. From bright neon or pops of yellow to smooth slices of primary red, blue and lots of green. It’s all about adding color to your look for spring. Our favourite way to do it? With statement coloured jewelry, of course.

    Not sure how to introduce some color to your collection? This is how we’re styling it this season.

  • 5 Hacks for a Versatile Jewelry Box

    Whether you prefer to shop classic or on-trend jewelry (or a little bit of both), you want your picks to last. And that’s how we design at Ania Haie. Even for the boldest trend, we want our pieces to go the distance and last season after season. But there are also a few things you can do to make your jewelry collection that bit more versatile. And it’s all about how you shop for jewelry – and how you style it!

  • Get The Boho Glow

    The perfect hint of bohemian style paired with celestial detailing? It’s the glowing trend that we’re obsessed with this season. From stars and moons to shimmering stones, celestial jewelry is emerging as one of the key looks for 2022 and several of our collections happen to be oozing in this starry-eyed style. 

    Representing twinkling stars, galaxies, moons and the sun, celestial jewelry has become so popular because of its emotive symbolism. These pieces have deep meaning – as well as being so beautiful, serving people with a gorgeous piece of jewelry but also positive energy and good vibes all round.